as Gaeilge Po polsku

Clare and Francis' "success" lies in their complete abandonment of self to the One who never ceases to have incredible confidence in us. They responded with passionate love to the passionate love God has for us humans. They dared to risk everything. They threw themselves with complete abandon into a life of total poverty, knowing it would lead them straight to the cross, to powerlessness and insignificance. Their logic was the Gospel logic of the seed that must die in order to bear fruit.

Giacomo Bini OFM
- Clare of Assisi

Our life

A life of lived communion can only be realised by our living out what Pope Innocent IV (Papacy 1243-1254) asked of St. Clare: "to live in holy unity and most high poverty".

Our vowed life of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience is lived in Enclosure.

This coming apart is the place of decision to remain with the Lord. The innermost enclosure is the space of the heart, an oasis of life, a place of salvation for the Church and all of humanity. Consecrated Chastity, bridal love, is embraced in Poverty and lived in Obedience, directed towards Christ.

Our Prayer Life and Adoration

The Liturgy of the Hours, which sanctifies the entire day, isthe prayer of the contemplative. This comprises Psalms, Scripture readings and Intercessions offered in the name of the Church and for the Church. For us, the midnight hour opens up the first section of this official Prayer.

With "the Eucharist, the memorial of the Lord’s sacrifice, the heart of the life of the Church and of every community" our day begins.

This "encounter with the Lord" is prolonged throughout the day in periods of Eucharistic Adoration when each sister is alone with the Lord to love Him and to be loved by Him. Etched in each sister’s heart are the words of St. Clare "only the faithful soul is His tabernacle and throne" . She, too, knows she must strive to become that faithful soul.

Clare, Chiara , in Italian, means a light . Clare by her life was a beacon of light for her sisters and all who came in contact with her.

Do you know that this 13th century Italian contemplative nun is the PATRON SAINT OF TELEVISION? Why? Pope Pius XII recognising her interior, penetrating vision, which beamed afar, thought it fitting to proclaim her thus in 1958.

The Community at work

Here in Nuns’ Island Altar Bread making is our main work. We make, pack and distribute Altar Breads for the diocese and beyond.

And of course, Monastery and garden have to be maintained, so there is work for all. Our life of prayer, praise and work, is centred on God alone.

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